How To Protect Against Cryptolocker, GOZ, QBot + Other Vicious Malware

Protecting against Cryptolocker & GameOver Zeus

For years PC users have had to battle with viruses, malware & adware – today the biggest threat is malware that bypasses antivirus.

Cyber criminals are getting increasing clever & greedy. The latest trick is to steal all your valuable logins silently over a period of time, then encrypt all your data with unbreakable encryption & hold you to ransom – usually for bitcoins or some other digital currency

Once infected – there is no way to unencrypt your data without the encryption key – so protecting against this is paramount

Cryptolocker,GameOver Zeus & Qbot are created by organised criminals who either get hold of your email from stolen email or dump an infection on your PC via an infected website controlled a botnet.

If you are relying on your antivirus to protect you – then you’re in for a shock – the hackers keep cloaking the code & have 100,000s of unsecured websites to play with. In fact 250,000 users got hit by Cryprolocker alone – so if you are a PC user you have to take steps to look after to look after your own security

Government Advice…

As an IT expert of some 20 years I have checked out the advice on the Government websites – essentially they say to scan your PC, update your windows & your antivirus – but really there is nothing specific in terms of defence & most users need step by step instructions:

National Crime Agency Advice – good advice, but no specific procedure to follow & no specific defence, leaving non experienced users whistling in the wind.

FBI advice on Cryptolocker & Game over Zeus – they say if you’re hit, restore from backup – guess that’s FBI’s way of saying you’re f*ked. I dug a bit deeper into their advice – and found their protection advice – and simply laughed my ass off when I read that enabling pop up blockers was their recommendation – come on guys who are we kidding here? This is PC security for 2014 not 2004

  • A massive siren had been set off, people were running in all directions, but nobody was telling them where they should be heading– - BBC

I can’t help but agree with the BBC report on this. With that respect I have gone back to my techie roots & written a detailed policy to protect users from ransomware like Cryptolocker & Gameover Zeus I’m providing it as a part of my PC Masterclass product but I’m also providing it for everyone free:

Free Policy against Moderm malware like Cryptolocker & GameOver Zeus

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Protecting against Cryptolocker & GameOver Zeus & other threats - Speeding up your PC

1. Stop rogue services that slow down your PC & send data about you

2. Check the reputation of any link/site before you click it

3. Clean up your browsers from toolbars, ad injectors & other hijackers

4. Protect your files with free encryption

5. Remove files & stubborn malware that refuses to delete

6. Protect your FTP logins with encryption

7. Clean up web junk, browser histories & password storing cookies

8. Enable protected web browsing for potentially risky sites

9. Perform a rapid & complete system backup for Free

10. Avoid password theft with secure password services

11. Batch Clean GPS Data from Photos