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WP Localhost

NEW PRODUCT – Fully configured WordPress test server – Get 23 ready to use WP test sites in 3 minutes. The only WP test that’s Ioncube ready..
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WP Web Audit

NEW PRODUCT – A Webmasters to guide to running rapid secure WordPress sites that don’t fail under load & are perfectly configured to minimise CPU Overhead.
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HTML Masterclass

COMING SOON! – Beginner to intermediate guide to HTML for marketers & webmasters. Learn to create & modify web pages like professional developers in 60 minutes
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PS Masterclass

BESTSELLER! – Learn to make headers, banners, adverts & much more. These Photoshop fast-classes come with exclusive tools that make web graphics simple.
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WP Cheat

Make beautiful web content in WordPress without plugins, skills or web design knowledge. Just copy, paste & edit any of the 2300+ ready made codes & presto!
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PC Masterclass

BESTSELLER! – PC speed & security for marketers & webmasters – the ultimate guide to making your PC run like new & protecting your PC against hackers.
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If there’s an easier way to do things we’ll find it. Our aim is to always kill complexity above all things.


It’s our priority to keep instructions short & learning curves to a minimum – as your time is valuable.


It doesn’t matter how good our products are, we are always looking for new solutions.

Hitman Publishing

What We Do

Hitman Publishing specializes in educational products for IT, Web, business & personal development. Our aim is to simplify anything complex & help customers find the “aha” moments that allow them to overcome obstacles & succeed. We believe that knowledge & learning is useless unless we put it to use.

Our Clients Say it Best
  • I've used Photoshop off and on since version 4 (1990s) for both offline and online graphics and this is the best and most usable "whirlwind" tour I've ever seen ... completely "actionable" if people will simply do it. What you teach in half a day took me months of trial and error to learn - would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to use Photoshop for online graphics.– Greg Smithhisler - PS Masterclass Customer

  • I can barely tell you without going on to long about how much I have learned in each one of these bite sized video’s of which I just absolutely love, because this allows me to view as few or as many as I can, then come back to them and learn the balance of the lesson’s. This is the training I have been in need of for so long. I just love the videos and the Trainer. He moves through PS so well and I am able to understand everything he has shown me (us).– Beverley Frasier - PS Masterclass Customer

  • I have been struggling to get a picture surrounded by text on one of my site pages, and had resorted to using a table structure to get my image to be in the right place. WPCheat solved that problem for me in minutes! Thank you for creating this software. It’s awesome!– Donna Lamb - WP Cheat Customer

  • WP Cheat is also a great tool, when I understood that I could get rid of most of my graphic shortcode plugins (a “ahaaa” moment!) which are a big problem in case you want to deactivate them, there was no doubt that I would get it.– Alexandra Lemonnier - WP Cheat Customer