How to Live Life… Are we really in control?


Looking back at the monumental mistakes I made in life & business. I’ve come to the conclusion that there are just 2 ways to live life:

1. In autopilot with emotion & limiting beliefs.
2. As a co-pilot with logic & insight

Whilst most of us consider ourselves as masters of our own destiny, we often fool ourselves about the control we really have…

What are you really in charge of? Can you resist that delicious looking cupcake, or the glass of fine wine or the nicotine hit of a cigarette? Are you really in control of who you find attractive? Are you in control of your fears & stresses? Do you get angry when you decide or when someone pushes your buttons.

Perhaps the biggest battle most of us face in life is the battle we have with ourselves. The battle to do things that make us uncomfortable, to stop doing things that are bad for us, to come to terms with our fears, shortfalls & perceived inadequacies.
Our behaviour of course is highly influenced by our genes which urge us to take instant action for the purpose survival, replication & instant gratification even if those actions are reckless & costly to our long term wealth, health & happiness.

Most of us will unknowingly go through life in autopilot, fulfilling our instant needs through emotional choices & learning through bad experience. These bad experiences are stored in our long term memory which helps us avoid taking similar bad action – few of us will learn that it’s precisely at these moments our minds open to better wisdom.

If we are really lucky we’ll open the doors to the great authors, leaders & educators of this world & discover the “aha” moments that allow us to override the autopilot, take evasive action & steer us away from impeding trouble.

Perhaps our mission should be the constant pursuit of better knowledge, the missing pieces of the puzzle that help us avoid problems & lead more productive, healthier & happier lives.

Here are the books/programmes that helped me transform my life & business – you never know they might do the same for you:

Hot Relationships – Tracey Cox
A Better Way To Live – Og Mandino
Personal Power – Tony Robbins
What Every Body is saying – Joe Navarro
The Red Queen – Matt Ridley
22 Immutable Laws of Marketing – Jack Trout
Psychology of Persuasion – Robert Cialdini

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