JV Partner / Affiliate Info & FAQs

Chris Hitman

Welcome JVs / Affiliates

I love working with new JV Partners / Affilates, I mean why wouldn’t I?

It’s good business to make new contacts, build new relationships & of course sell great products. That being said, I also need to maintain list trust with customers & subscribers, so there a fine balance.

With that respect I will do whatever it takes to make your life easy to promote my products and of course .

What I Offer JVs / Affiliates

My JVs/Affiliates get the folowing:

1. Product Summary Page – a quick overview of all my products so you don’t have to wade through walls of text.

2. Simple JV Page – same format for all my products you’ll find everything you need easily.

3. Quality Email Swipes – I do my best to create high CTR & CR swipes

6. Quality Product Graphics – in all standard size formats.

I also offer a track record for great products – I’ve worked on 5 JV Zoo top sellers & all my products have a low refund rates.

Will I Promote Back

Yes. I always prioritize JV’s that promote my stuff, the product needs to be a good fit for my list too.

Kind Regards