Chris Hitman

Accessing Your Products

Our product access has changed to make things easier for customers.

To access any product you have purchased follow these steps:

1. Login to your JVZoo customer portal here:-

JVZOO Portal

2. Find your purchase and then click on "View Details"

3. Near the bottom of the page you’ll find a green button that says "Access Your Purchase"

Access Problems

All our members pages are protected by cookies.

When you click the product link in your JVzoo account a cookie is sent to your browser that tells our site to give you acccess – if this cookie is not found – our site will reject the request & fail to load the page. You will either see nothing/ a 404 page or be re-routed to the index page

Less than 1% of our customers have problems with product access for the following reasons:

1. The browser doesn’t accept cookies.

2. You have cleared cookies with a cleaning app.

3. You are using a dated security app that blocks cookies.

Fixing Access Problems

By far the simplest way to fix access issues is to install & use another browser – I recommend Chrome – install it, set it as default when prompted – then login to your JVzoo portal as per instructions above.

If you’re still having trouble then I would recommend pressing F5 key to clear any browser cache & reload the page.

If this doesnt fix it – please contact support & tell us what operating system & security programs you are using.

Support Desk

If you have any access problems please contact our support desk.

Go to Support Desk

To assist you quickly please supply:

1. The name of the product you bought
2. Your PayPal email address or the JVZoo receipt ID (AP-nnnnnnnnnnnn)
3. A clear description of the issue