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WP Web Audit: Downloads

Download The File/s Here First

Download the files below before watching the videos. We recommend you watch all the tutorials & replicate what we do yourself to learn the skills.


WP Webaudit Product File

Ver. 1.2 – 13/09/2015 – (227MB) NEW


WP Webaudit Product File (Alternative)

Ver. 1.2 – 13/09/2015 – (227MB) NEW


Antivirus software with a poor detection engine such as AVG…detect everything new as potentially dangerous…this download has been scanned with F-secure + Kaspersky Internet Security (Get 30 Day Free Trial using this link) – this is a ZERO risk download…

Bad AV products try to increase their detection rates by flagging anything new in the hope they catch the baddie – this is deceiving & gives you a poor user experience – as an IT pro of 20+ years… if you are getting warnings downloading this product.. please don’t raise support tickets just use a beter AV product….


False Positive

WP Web Audit: Video Tutorials

Video #0 – The Problem With WordPress

Video Notes:

WordPress wasn’t built to take high traffic loads on long form sales pages. This causes multiple calls to the MySQL database & Apache – so your configuration needs to be tweaked to take the maximum load possible & minimise your server requests – the combination of these tweaks & good hosting = reliable high load operation – it’s that simple.

If you implement these easy tweaks & changes you’ll have less problems + you’ll avoid getting booted by your hosts – Lesson Length 6m:15s


These produce complex HTML/CSS & multiple JAVA calls massively slowing your page down – this is AMPLIFIED under load – seen many long form sales pages built using these builders break during launches.

Video #1 – 10 Golden Rules of Hosting (Essential)

Video Description:

This is one of the most important lessons also the longest – mess this up & you’ll be in trouble later –
Futher notes – your theme & the plugins you use will also play a big part on your site reliability – choose wisely from credible & trusted sources & check your load speeds in Lesson 12. – Lesson Length 17m 09s

Video #2 – Rapid External Security Checks (Recommended)

Video Description:

This is to allow you to check if you have any existing site security / reputation problems + deal with them accordingingly. It will show you how to spot any issues & also how to respond to these alerts – if you are protected using our security policy – it’s very unlikely that something will slip through the net – if it does …99% of the time these are false positives – you have to be dilligent in dealing with these issues – your host needs to see that you know what you are doing & that you respond to these problems – Lesson Length 6m 58s

Video #3 – Multi Plugin Installer & WP File Manager (Essential)

Video Description:

This is a neat way to install all the plugins you will need in one go & enable a special file manager plugin that will make your life easy later – Lesson Length 6m 22s

Video #4 – 1 Minute Server Security & Speed Tweaks (Essential)

Video Description:

These are security & speed tweaks for your sever… Watch the video carefully & test your site post application – if you have any problems it will be down to your hosting configuration/software – you will either need to upgrade your server software/switch hosting/or use a less potent htaccess – ensure you have setup FTP access to your site in case of issues so you can rename/remove the htaccess file if needed. Lesson Length 6m 08s

Video #5 – 2 Minute WordPress Security (Essential)

Video Description:

This is the 2 minute security policy I apply to all my sites in conjuction with the server tweaks in Video 4 – this is all you need to do to your site to achieve a medium hard level of security which retains good functionality (too tight causes problems). – Lesson Length 5m 18s

Video #5a Tighter Security Tweaks (Optional)

Video Description:

These are tighter security tweeaks I apply to valuable content sites like ecommerce sites to tighten security – Lesson Length 5m 07s

Video #6 – 1 Minute Content Protection (Optional)

Video Description:

This is a simple tweak that’ll help protect your content from being exposed by ‘auto archiving’ an automated WP feature – it’s only necessary if your protected content sits on ‘posts’ – this is a bug fix – you’ll still need to protect your content using a security plugin. The lesson also covers content de-indexing – Lesson Length 3m 17s

Video #7 – 1 Minute Analytics (Recommended)

Video Description:

The is a fast & easy way of adding analytics to your sites – it’s worth remembering to do this as it will affect your site value when you try & sell it – Lesson Length 3m 09s

Video #8 – 30 Second Antispam (Essential)

Video Description:

This is the easiest & cheapest spam protection (free) – please note lesson notes are in folder 8 not lesson 7 folder as shown in the videoLesson Length 2m 31s

Video #9 – 1 Minute Maintenance & Backup (Essential)

Video Description:

Easy maintenance & backup – now we go through this in a bit more detail but once you understand it – it should take about a minute – Lesson Length 10m 28s

Video #10 – 1 Minute Batch Image Optimisation (Recommended)

Video Description:

Simple batch image optimization – Lesson Length 6m 27s

Video #11 – 1 Minute Video Optimisation (Optional)

Video Description:

1 minute video optimization – make your vids work better & run faster in your sites + cost you less bandwidth too – Lesson Length 4m17s

Video #12 – 1 Minute Site Speed Tweaks (Essential)

Video Description:

1 Minute Site Speed Tweaks – we go into a bit more detail on this – the actual tweaks will take less than a minute – Lesson Length 9m 58s

WP Web Audit: Bonus Videos

Bonus Video #1 – 1 Minute SEO Enhancements

Video Description:

This video shows you some of the basic things you can do with Yoast SEO to get a better page score for your required term – Lesson Length 3m 57s

Bonus Video #2 – 30 Second Autopings

Video Description:

This is old school & has a mild boost effect on your site indexing speed – its an easy set & forget plugin – Lesson Length 1m 51s

Bonus Video #3 – 1 Minute User Security

Video Description:

This is a plugin that used to be in the WP repository & then the vendor pulled it & is selling it – it’s very useful if you have multiple wordpress users & you need to control what they have acccess to – Lesson Length 3m 25s

Bonus Video #4 – 1 Minute Site Content Diagnostics

Video Description:

If your site is down or you are having site loading issues it’s best to check if it’s your host or the transit route that’s causing problems – Lesson Length 5m 37s

Bonus Video #5 – 1 Minute Batch Image Resizing (PC)

Video Description:

This is a simple free PC tool that will allow you to batch resize a load of images – Lesson Length 4m 22s

Bonus Video #6 – 1 Minute Audio Editing

Video Description:

This is a very quick way to clean up your audio – Lesson Length 3m 45s